About us

Welcome to our website. Our ambition is to offer you, in high quality and reasonable prices, handcrafted jewellery made of sterling silver 925 in a variety of creative versions: matt, gold plated, glazed, oxidised silver jewellery, with simple or semi-precious stones and silver jewellery combined with gold, brass and copper. All made by us in our laboratory, on our own original designs. The sources of inspiration are many and varied: ancient Greek motifs, Byzantine designs, modern liquid forms, industrial design and a multitude of contemporary and fashionable influences.

Sterling silver is the protagonist in our jewellery. It is the favourite material for many reasons: it is precious, is glowing, it has strength, it is malleable, lasts forever, and works with all types of colour, is always in fashion and matches perfectly with any dress style. It is both unique and friendly. It is suitable for dynamic design, while its price remains affordable. Silver, in jewellery, couples magically with gold, bronze, copper and stones, catapulting the aesthetic result.

Browse Silver Jewellery Plus and buy securely the jewellery that suits you, knowing that whatever you select is handmade, Greek, made with respect, inspiration and passion!